More than anything I’ve always wanted to help.

I started Amenity five years ago in 2015. When I first started, I knew I had a dream, a passion. A passion that I wanted to share with the world. That’s how Amenity was created. Since then, I have grown my business to what it is today.

But I still want to help. That’s why I’m officially rolling out my wholesale option to select retailers that share my vision: to help people be well and feel better.

I’m looking for retailers that:

  1. Are tired of not serving their people with a range of natural solutions to manage their pain.
  2. Are serious about providing value to their people.
  3. Are ready to make a difference in people’s lives providing a stellar product.

If that is you, fill out the wholesale application here:

Why Wholesale with Amenity

Amenity wraps are made with integrity and care. That’s what I pride myself on. Each stitch is made by a human. Each wrap is filled with quality seeds and herbs. Each wrap is designed to apply heat or chill to its targeted area. I know my wraps are effective because I used each one myself.

The first wraps I made were to relieve my own pain due to back injuries from a high fall. The pain was immense. I was taking over the counter pain relievers but I was tired. Heat therapy worked for me and I know it has worked for others. You can read my reviews on Facebook.

If you are ready to wholesale a quality, wholesome product, follow these simple directions:

1. Go to:

You will create an account and fill in the rest of the fields to complete the application. If you have any questions you can send them to me here at [email protected]. I go through each application personally and only the people that have a commitment to help others will be approved. Once you fill out the application successfully, you’ll see a message:

Registration Success Message

Watch your email for your approval letter! If you are approved, here’s what comes next. You will need to log in to your account.

2. Log in

Go to and hover over “Shop”. Click on the “My Account” option.

Shop Drop Down Demo

You already have a wholesale account so use your log in information in the left side of the screen.

Log in Area

*Note: If you didn’t create a strong password when you created the account a new strong password will be assigned. You can keep this or create a new one later.

Strong Password Required

3. See Your Dashboard

Once you log in you will be taken to your dashboard. There you can see your orders, downloads, addresses, payment methods and account details.

Wholesale Dashboard

4. Shop

Once you’re in go back to the top and click “Shop” to go to the store. You will see the retail and the wholesale price for each item. As a wholesale partner you only pay the wholesale price. Remember this is per item with a 10-item minimum.

Wholesale Prices

Items that don’t have a wholesale price listed are not eligible for wholesale.

What Should I Start With?

I have six products in my shop: The Neck Wrap, The Boo Boo Pack, The Ruby, The Eye Pillow, The Gift Set and The Angel Wrap. If you want to try all of my products before you put them in your store, I have a Starter Bundle. The Starter Bundle contains a Neck Wrap, Boo Boo Pack, Ruby, Eye Pillow and Angel Wrap. Since it contains one of each product this is the perfect way to test each one and consider which one is best for you and your business. However, if you want to dive in with a tried and true best seller, the Neck Wrap is my most popular item.

I’m a big believer in making things as simple as they can be. The only thing holding you back from selling a solid profitable product are these 4 steps. Are you ready to start today? Click this link to get started:


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