View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set. New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!

View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set.
New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!


  • A warm, cozy autumn gift box for someone special in your life!
    •  neck wrap
    • grateful mug
    • caramel apple tea
    • white chocolate pumpkin spice hot cocoa bomb
    • autumn nights soy candle
    • leopard print scrunchie
    • leaves & pumpkins air freshener satchet
    The neck wrap is available in either peppermint or lavender scents, or a combination of both. If you want to customize any items in this box, reach out and we will be glad to assist you!
  • These cute jars are filled with herbed bath salt to enhance any bath experience! They make wonderful gifts, and are beautiful in any bathroom as useful decor. Available in four scents:
    • Romantic Rose
    • Lavender
    • Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus
    A little wooden spoon scoops out just the right amount!
  • These cute jars are filled with herbed bath salt to enhance your bath experience! Wonderful as gifts and also as useful decor in any bathroom. Available in four scents:
    • Lavender
    • Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus
    • Romantic Rose
    The little wooden scoop portions out the desired amount!
  • A special collection for a superb bathtime experience! Clean, natural ingredients exfoliate and soothe your skin while you relax.
    • The white lavender bath bomb leaves your skin soft and nourished.
    • Bath salts exfoliate skin and relax sore, tight muscles.
    • The loofah is a high-quality scrub exfoliator.
    • This luxurious body oil is a nutritious moisturizer for any skin. The double herb combo (herb oil + real herbs) gives twice the benefits and leaves you feeling like a queen.
      Mystery bath salt, and mystery body oil will be selected unless requested otherwise.  
  • Sip and nourish your skin from the inside out! The beautifying botanicals included in these gorgeous teas are:
    • blue butterfly pea flower - promotes collagen
    • hibiscus - wonderful hydrator
    • rose hip - delivers many antioxidants
    • bamboo - strengthens hair, skin and nails
    • schizandra berry - protects skin
    • chamomile - (only in beauty sleep tea) induces sleep
    DAILY BEAUTY: Indulge in a daily beauty ritual with this juicy blueberry and calming lavender tea. Caffeine free and refreshing sipped hot or over ice.  Also delicious blended with lemonade or add steamed milk for a beautiful light-blue latte. BEAUTY SLEEP: A bedtime beauty ritual begins with this relaxing chamomile and aromatic rose caffeine-free tea. This violet-hued, floral infusion is caffeine free and can help soothe the body and calm the mind for a more restful sleep. Each canister contains 36 teabags. View ingredients in above photos.
  • A luxurious, deliciously scented body wash that's hand crafted in small batches! View ingredients in above photos.
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