View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set. New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!

View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set.
New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!


  • A hardworking kit for your active feet! Soak your feet in the salt blend for 30 minutes, then slough off rough skin with pumice stone. Apply foot balm, paying special attention to the heels and other tough/dry skin, then cover with socks for softer feet by morning. View ingredients in above photos.
  • Eye Pillow

    Close your eyes and relax. Feel the stress of the day gently waft away as the aroma of your eye pillow eases your weary eyes. This weighted pillow uses deep pressure to help you feel peaceful and calm. Use this pillow warm to ease facial muscle tension or use it cool to calm swollen eyes.
    • All natural and organic herbs only. The best relief is natural relief.
      • Lavender: Calming. Perfect for use as a sleep aid and home treatment for restlessness. Lavender can also help alleviate headaches.
      • Peppermint: Refreshing. Peppermint’s cooling sensation helps ease pain migraines. Vapors from warming a peppermint pillow may even help reduce sinus congestion.
      • Flax seed: Earthy. The musky scent of flax seed compliments lavender and peppermint. However, flax seed is wonderful alone. If you choose an unscented pillow be prepared to still be graced with the light gentle aroma of flax.
    • Aromatic
      • Lavender and peppermint are highly aromatic herbs. Place the pillow over your eyes and be pleasantly surprised by the soothing scent of either herb.
    • Long lasting heat
      • Typical eye pillows made with rice don’t retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your pillow warmer, longer.
    • Use hot or cold
      • Our pillows are made to be used hot or cold so you can choose the type of relief you need.
  • All natural pain relief for headaches and migraines. This bundle comes with one mystery herbal eye pillow and one headache ease roller bottle. You can microwave your eye pillow for soothing warmth, or keep it in the freezer for a cold pack. Our roller bottle is  filled with pure essential oils designed specifically for headaches. Peppermint, lavender, frankincense & eucalyptus in a coconut oil base.
  • The Ruby

    Let the warmth of the Ruby bring you to your happy place. The Ruby is a microwavable heating pad designed for menstrual cramps. Naturally comforting and long-lasting, the Ruby combines fragrant herbs with flax seed to deliver moist heat therapy to cramps and stiffness. Calm pain from common aches such as period pain, menstrual cramps, menopause, ovarian cysts, endometriosis pain, ovulation discomfort, labor pain, IBS and Crohn’s disease with this heated pad. Choose peppermint, lavender or both to create the aromatherapeutic experience you need. Special Features
    • The Ruby is ideal for:
      • Period and menstrual cramps
      • Abdominal pain
      • Back pain
      • Stomach pain
    • Take it on the go
      • The Ruby is a heart shaped microwavable heating pad that looks like a pillow. It can go anywhere you go. In the car, at school or at work as long as there is a microwave you can use it.
    • Microwavable
      • The Ruby is made with all-natural ingredients that can be put right in the microwave with no fear of damaging it.
      • Warm it up over and over again. The Ruby is durable and made to last for many repeat uses.
    • Long lasting heat
      • Typical microwavable heating pads made with rice don't retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your wrap warmer, longer.
    • Aromatic herbs
      • Peppermint can help get rid of headaches that come on with your menstrual cycle.
      • Lavender can help calm symptoms of PMS like irritability and anxiety.
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