View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set. New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!

View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set.
New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!


  • BE WELL TEAS Full-bodied and aromatic, caffeine-free red rooibos is celebrated for its flavor and antioxidants. As the base for this tea, it's a natural friend to the immune system and can contribute to a healthier life. All of our BE WELL TEAS are meticulously formulated for specific needs. We invite you to consider them all, and get what you need. Get Some ZZZ's - Say goodnight to tossing and turning. We're here to help you get your zzz's the natural way. Steep a cup of our caffeine-free herbal blend and breathe a sigh of sweet relief as the bouquet of organic rooibos, soothing chamomile, passionflower and the mellowing properties of valerian gently lulls you toward blissful rest. Get Relaxed - Stressed out and feeling kind of edgy? The good news is this caffeine-free, herbal blend delivers composure in a tea cup - if only you'll take a moment to steep and sip. The mood-mellowing begins instantly with the calming aromas of lavender and rose petals gently wafting up from the steaming cup. Ahhh. Get Gorgeous - Let's get one thing clear.  True beauty comes from within. But when it comes to clear skin, some of us can use a little help. So here's good news: this organic, rooibos-based, naturally caffeine-free tea blend is brimming with antioxidants - your skin's best friend. View descriptions and tea ingredients in above photos. NOTE: 1 tea canister = $14
  • What a beautiful book to express your creativity, and to meditate on the goodness of God! Printed on high quality stock paper with perforated pages to allow for use outside of the book. Wonderful as a gift or as an item to hone your art skills. Softcover, with 55 images. Dimensions: 11"x 8.5"x.5"
  • These trendy glass cans are perfect for any drink on the go! The clear glass allows you to display your strawberry lemonade, mint leaves infusing your water, or your beautifully layered coffee drink.  Available in "I am loved", and in "Breathe deeply". 16 oz glass cans, bamboo lids, with waterproof vinyl lettering. Hand wash only! Not microwave or dishwasher safe.
  • The must-have spray to keep the ticks away! Perfect to use for all outdoor activities, and a clean option that's safe for adults and kids. View ingredients in above photos.
  • A special collection for a superb bathtime experience! Clean, natural ingredients exfoliate and soothe your skin while you relax.
    • The white lavender bath bomb leaves your skin soft and nourished.
    • Bath salts exfoliate skin and relax sore, tight muscles.
    • The loofah is a high-quality scrub exfoliator.
    • This luxurious body oil is a nutritious moisturizer for any skin. The double herb combo (herb oil + real herbs) gives twice the benefits and leaves you feeling like a queen.
      Mystery bath salt, and mystery body oil will be selected unless requested otherwise.  
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