QUEEN’S CAKE: This vanilla fruit tea is fit for a queen! This diamond of an herbal tea is imbued with the flavors of a rich vanilla confection studded with sweet black currants and lemon. This cup meets the discerning approval of Queen Charlotte — the veritable tastemaker of London society. Sip like a royal and enjoy this decadent tea!

DUKE & DUCHESS: This honey breakfast tea is strong and sweet. Pure, sweet honey tempers the boldness of strong black tea. Could there be a more perfect coupling? Sip this infusion as a delicious addition to your breakfast.

ANTHONY & KATE: Mmm, spiced chai. All is fair in love and war! This medley of exceptional black tea and exotic spices steeps a rich and formidable cup. Best sipped when high-energy planning and conquering the world are on the agenda! Prepare this chai the traditional method — accompanied by warm milk, a touch of honey and an abundance of irrestible charm.

DOWNTOWN ABBEY: Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea. This decadent dessert tea has the homemade flavors of vanilla cake drizzled with rich caramel sauce. The full-bodied base of premium black tea lends itself well to a splash of milk, making it a perfect afternoon tea to partner with puddings, scones and shortbread.


View ingredients in above photos. Each canister contains 36 teabags.