Sip and nourish your skin from the inside out! The beautifying botanicals included in these gorgeous teas are:

  • blue butterfly pea flower – promotes collagen
  • hibiscus – wonderful hydrator
  • rose hip – delivers many antioxidants
  • bamboo – strengthens hair, skin and nails
  • schizandra berry – protects skin
  • chamomile – (only in beauty sleep tea) induces sleep

DAILY BEAUTY: Indulge in a daily beauty ritual with this juicy blueberry and calming lavender tea. Caffeine free and refreshing sipped hot or over ice.  Also delicious blended with lemonade or add steamed milk for a beautiful light-blue latte.

BEAUTY SLEEP: A bedtime beauty ritual begins with this relaxing chamomile and aromatic rose caffeine-free tea. This violet-hued, floral infusion is caffeine free and can help soothe the body and calm the mind for a more restful sleep.

Each canister contains 36 teabags. View ingredients in above photos.