This wrap gives a warm hug to bring your child comfort when they are sick. Heat the lavender wrap, and sit down to read them their favorite bedtime story. They will feel warm, snuggled, and SO LOVED! The warmth of the wrap and the aromatherapy encourages a deep and restful sleep. Your child will love this bedtime routine, and will wear the wrap as a comfort when the are sick.

Filled with lavender and peppermint, these herbs are soothing and bring pain relief.

  • flu

  • earache

  • headache

  • growing pains

  • sore throat (peppermint/warm)

  • fever (cold)

  • injuries

  • stomach ache

  • bumps (cold)

  • burns (lavender/cold)

  • insomnia/adhd (lavender/warm)

  • surgery recovery

  • cancer patient comfort pack

  • muscle pain