Our starter pack comes with one neck wrap, eye pillow, Angel wrap, Ruby, & boo boo pack!

This herbal package provides an incredible amount of physical and mental benefits! Heat your neck wrap & eye pillow in the microwave and sit back and recline on your favorite chair. These are also wonderful to wear lying in bed. The neck wrap will relieve your neck and shoulder tension as the eye pillow soothes your tired eyes and face muscles. If you deal with anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, pain, or if you’re simply weary from life’s responsibilities, this herbal set is exactly what you need! The benefits of the natural herbs in these wraps are endless.

The Angel wrap (med/large) is designed to securely wrap around your entire lower back. It has 6 individual panels sewn so that the heat is evenly distributed across your lower back.  The Angel wrap has fully adjustable strong velcro to hold it into place.

The Ruby was designed to bring comfort and pain relief to all you ladies during “that time of the month”. It brings relief to period pain, menstrual cramps, menopause, ovarian cysts, endometriosis pain, ovulation discomfort, labor pain, ibs, crohn’s disease, and other related feminine discomfort.

A family with kids will encounter lots of injuries. Whether it’s a skinned knee, stubbed toe, bee sting, earache, or an insulting knot on the head, kids need reassurance that everything will be alright. Growing pains, sore throat, stomach pain, headache, chronic ear ache, and the flu are other times your child will be relieved by the boo boo pack.

An hour of relaxation with your wraps, and you will feel calm, soothed, and refreshed. There is nothing like creating a beautiful spa experience in your own home!

Note:  This collection will come in a variety of prints.  The Angel wrap will ship as a medium/large for the size.