Multipurpose Wrap

Multipurpose Wrap


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 The multipurpose wrap is specifically designed to cover the knees. It’s long enough to fully wrap around one knee or it can lay across the top of both knees.
It relieves knee pain, injuries, growing pains, tummy pain, back pain, ankle pain, and any other area of sore muscles & discomfort.


  • All natural and organic herbs only. The best relief is natural relief.
    • Lavender: Calming. Perfect for use as a sleep aid and home treatment for restlessness. Lavender can also help reduce inflammation.
    • Peppermint: Refreshing. Peppermint’s cooling sensation helps ease pain.
    • Flax seed: Earthy. The musky scent of flax seed compliments lavender and peppermint. However, flax seed is wonderful alone. If you choose an unscented wrap be prepared to still be graced with the light gentle aroma of flax.
  • Aromatic
    • Lavender and peppermint are highly aromatic herbs. Place the wrap on your body and be pleasantly surprised by the soothing scent of either herb.
  • Long lasting heat
    • Typical wraps made with rice don’t retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your wrap warmer, longer.
  • Use hot or cold
    • Our wraps are made to be used hot or cold so you can choose the type of relief you need.
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Use cold: Place in the freezer and let chill for at least one hour before use.  For maximum relief when you need it, we recommend always storing a wrap in the freezer.

Use hot: Place on a paper towel or plate and microwave for two minutes. Your wrap may be hot so test it first before you put it on your neck. Only reheat the neck wrap once it has completely lost its heat.

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Weight 1.625 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 6 in

Herb Garden, Lavender Sky, Leopard -100% cotton, Tea Stained Writing – 100% cotton, Tranquility


lavender, peppermint, lavender and peppermint, scent free

1 review for Multipurpose Wrap

  1. Colleen Leppo

    I have several of these wraps for my 7 year old son who suffers from arthritis in his knees. This product has been a game changer for us! The ability to fully wrap it around his knees provides him so much more relief. He asks daily to use them! A huge thanks to your team for hearing our needs and producing an amazing product!

    • Angela Martin

      Colleen we are so happy to have made something that is helpful in easing your son’s arthritis. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. ~Angela

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