Our herbal eye pillows are filled with fresh lavender buds and peppermint herbs mixed with flaxseed.  The weight of the flaxseed applies gentle acupressure to your temples, cheeks, eyes, forehead, and facial muscles, helping to stimulate your bodies natural healing abilities. The eye pillow blocks the light out for day sleepers promoting restfulness.

The lavender eye pillow is purely calming. The aromatherapy induces deep relaxation and stress relief.  It helps with anxiety, panic attacks, tired eyes, and is wonderful for headaches.

The peppermint eye pillow is rejuvenating. It is relieving for sinuses, allergies, migraines and headaches.

The unscented eye pillows are perfect those of you who want the benefits of soothing gentle acupressure without the fragrance.

More than just an eye pillow, these can be used for a hot or cold pack anywhere on your body. For example: Ear ache, carpal tunnel, sprains, and other injuries.  Directions: The eye pillow can be used at room temperature, heated in the microwave for 30 seconds, or stored in the freezer. When placing in the freezer put the eye pillow in a plastic bag so it doesn’t absorb freezer odors.

NOTICE: This eye pillow has a soft flexible strap attached made to fit comfortably around your head to keep it into place.