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Boo Boo Pack


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A family with kids will encounter lots of injuries. Whether it’s a skinned knee, stubbed toe, bee sting, earache, or an insulting knot on the head, kids need reassurance that everything will be alright. Growing pains, sore throat, stomach pain, headache, chronic ear ache, and the flu are other times your child will be relieved by the boo boo pack.

The flexible boo boo pack is filled with flaxseed and herbs. The flaxseed leaves a moist heat and the herbs are an excellent pain relief!

The lavender pack is great to heat and snuggle with at night. It will bring warm comfort, relaxation, and restfulness to your child.  The peppermint is good for flu, sinuses, allergies, fever and headaches.

Each boo boo pack comes in a white mesh bag.

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Lavender and peppermint are both soothing, and wonderful for pain.

Keep one in a zip lock bag in your freezer for an instant ice pack, and one nearby for heating. Your kids will enjoy cuddling with their heat pack in bed. They will use it when they are in pain, sick, or finding it difficult to sleep.

Each boo boo pack comes in a white drawstring mesh bag.

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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5.5 × .75 in

lavender, peppermint, lavender and peppermint, scent free


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3 reviews for Boo Boo Pack

  1. Tiffany Diehl

    We love our boo boo packs. I first started using them on my daughter who suffers with eczema. Straight out of the freezer brings a cooling touch to her skins and brings relief.
    We have 2 in the freezer at all times for either boo boos or eczema relief.

  2. Janelle A

    Bought two of these – one for each of my kids. Granted, they are 13 and 10, but you’re never too old to need a Boo Boo Pack! These packs from Amenity Wraps are PERFECT. They are just the right size and weight for all the minor injuries that kids encounter on a regular basis. The selection of fabrics and prints are super adorable, and we especially love the flannel, which gives an extra touch of softness.

  3. Megan

    I bought a boo boo pack for my daughter several years ago, and she would ask for it warmed just to snuggle and sleep with at night. Lavendar has continued to be her go to scent. It’s just the right size and weight to bring comfort to their little bodies.

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