ISLE GLIMMER:  An all-natural perfume carefully designed by a Missouri perfumer, this wildcrafted fragrance is created with quality, organic oils and infused with organic rose buds.

The name and ocean-blue color denote the peaceful aura intended by the perfumer. Blue tansy gives this perfume its color, and this oil benefits the skin while also helping calm anxiety. The French used blue tansy in their perfume-making to help oils synergize and it does no less in this quality fragrance.

This perfume is aged, and the smell gets stronger and more well-rounded with time.

If used twice daily, this roller bottle should last for six months. If it seems as if you can’t smell the fragrance after a few months, it’s because the natural oils will become a part of your chemistry and others will still be able to smell it on you.

Natural oils will smell different on each individual person! They mix with your own personal scent to become uniquely beautiful to you.

Fun Fact: a French perfume maker gave this perfume a five-star review!

Directions: Apply to any pulse point. When used on wrists, just kiss  them together – do not rub them together as it will break the bond and not smell the same.

Ingredients: Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Jojoba Essential Oil, Organic Rose Petals.