View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set. New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!

View our Neck Wraps & Gift Set.
New Prints Available . . . Shop Today!

Little Ones

  • A family with kids will encounter lots of injuries. Whether it's a skinned knee, stubbed toe, bee sting, earache, or an insulting knot on the head, kids need reassurance that everything will be alright. Growing pains, sore throat, stomach pain, headache, chronic ear ache, and the flu are other times your child will be relieved by the boo boo pack. The flexible boo boo pack is filled with flaxseed and herbs. The flaxseed leaves a moist heat and the herbs are an excellent pain relief! The lavender pack is great to heat and snuggle with at night. It will bring warm comfort, relaxation, and restfulness to your child.  The peppermint is good for flu, sinuses, allergies, fever and headaches. Each boo boo pack comes in a white mesh bag.
  • An organic balm for healing cuts, scrapes and other skin irritations.  Clean area of injury, then apply. View ingredients in above photos. *10 of 11 ingredients are organic.
  • The kid's neck wrap feels like a warm hug that will bring your child comfort and relaxation.  Heat the lavender neck wrap and sit down to read them their favorite bedtime story. The warmth of the wrap with the herbal aromatherapy brings a deep and restful sleep. Filled with lavender and peppermint, these herbs are soothing and bring pain relief.
    • flu
    • earache
    • headache
    • growing pains
    • sore throat (peppermint/warm)
    • fever (cold)
    • injuries
    • stomach ache
    • bumps (cold)
    • burns (lavender/cold)
    • insomnia/adhd (lavender/warm)
    • surgery recovery
    • cancer patient comfort pack
    • muscle pain
  • We can't say enough about this beautiful baby book! Designed by a mother for other mothers, it includes meaningful poems, and lots of creative ideas to record diary-like details of before & after the baby is born. The canvas cover is embossed with gold lettering and the 84 pages are made of high quality paper. The entire book is beautifully done in gorgeous, calming neutral colors which allows it to be suitable for either gender. Hardback cover.
  • A board book for adults and tots to share!
    • Loving Kindness:  feel love... and share love. Happy feelings for little ones! Send kindness into the world with a sweet meditation that builds empathy.
    • Rest & Relax:  sleepy time for little ones! Wiggle your toes, then let them rest. Prepare for sleep or nap time with this relaxing body awareness exercise.
  • A perfect kids quiet toy! Small metal tins are creatively decorated with mini magnetic toys to match. They fit well in purses and pockets for playtime in church, meetings, in the office, or wherever kids need entertained. Four different patterns include:
    • farm animals tin
    • hedgehog tin
    • sleepytime tin
    • picnic lunch tin
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