Herbal Wraps

  • Neck Wrap

    Start your morning off right. Did you wake up with a pain in your neck? Shoulders sore? Designed for comfort, Amenity Neck Wraps provide targeted relief to tired neck and shoulder muscles. Warm your wrap and deeply inhale the fresh scent of natural herbs as they awaken you from within. Our wraps haven't been prayed over, but they feel like they have. Details:
    • All natural and organic herbs only. The best relief is natural relief.
      • Lavender: Calming. Perfect for use as a sleep aid and home treatment for restlessness. Lavender can also help alleviate headaches.
      • Peppermint: Refreshing. Peppermint's cooling sensation helps ease pain migraines. Vapors from warming a peppermint wrap may even help reduce sinus congestion.
      • Flax seed: Earthy. The musky scent of flax seed compliments lavender and peppermint. However, flax seed is wonderful alone. If you choose an unscented wrap be prepared to still be graced with the light gentle aroma of flax.
    • Aromatic
      • Lavender and peppermint are highly aromatic herbs. Place the wrap on your neck and be pleasantly surprised by the soothing scent of either herb.
    • Long lasting heat
      • Typical wraps made with rice don't retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your wrap warmer, longer.
    • Use hot or cold
      • Our wraps are made to be used hot or cold so you can choose the type of relief you need.
  • Gift Set


    Our gift set comes with one neck wrap & a matching eye pillow.

    This herbal package provides physical and mental health benefits! Heat your neck wrap & eye pillow in the microwave and sit back and recline on your favorite chair. Our wraps are also warm and comforting to wear lying in bed. The neck wrap will relieve your neck and shoulder tension as the eye pillow soothes your tired eyes and face muscles. If you deal with anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, pain, or if you're simply weary from life's responsibilities, this herbal set is exactly what you need! The benefits of the natural herbs in these wraps are endless. An hour of relaxation with your wraps, and you will feel calm, soothed, and refreshed. There is nothing like creating a beautiful spa experience in your own home. Thoughtful gifts for: Grieving loved one Elderly Folks suffering with cancer (care packages) Busy mothers Pregnant women Parent who cares for a special needs child School teachers Nurses/doctors Therapist Lymes Disease
  • Boo Boo Pack

    A family with kids will encounter lots of injuries. Whether it's a skinned knee, stubbed toe, bee sting, earache, or an insulting knot on the head, kids need reassurance that everything will be alright. Growing pains, sore throat, stomach pain, headache, chronic ear ache, and the flu are other times your child will be relieved by the boo boo pack. The flexible boo boo pack is filled with flaxseed and herbs. The flaxseed leaves a moist heat and the herbs are an excellent pain relief! The lavender pack is great to heat and snuggle with at night. It will bring warm comfort, relaxation, and restfulness to your child.  The peppermint is good for flu, sinuses, allergies, fever and headaches. Each boo boo pack comes in a white mesh bag.
  • The Angel Wrap

    Naturally comforting and long-lasting relief is here. The Angel Wrap is designed to securely wrap around your entire lower back to deliver deeply penetrating heat to sore muscles. Designed with 6 individual panels the Angel Wrap will ensure that you have constant all over heat. Help melt away back pain from pregnancy, injuries and strains with all over coverage from your Angel Wrap. Choose peppermint, lavender or both to create the therapeutic experience you need to relieve your aches and pains. Sizing Small- up to 41 inch waist Med/Large- up to 47 inch waist Plus- up to 54 inch waist Note: If your velcro strap is longer than you need around your waist, cut a little off (at both ends) with a good scissors. Special Features
    • The Angel Wrap is ideal for:
      • Chronic back pain
      • Arthritic joints
      • Knee pain
      • Hip pain
      • Pregnancy back pain
    • Stay put design
      • Whether you lay down or walk around the Angel Wrap's straps keep your wrap right where you need it to be: close to you.
    • Adjustable fit
      • The Angel Wrap has long hook and loop straps you can cut to your ideal size.
    • Deeply penetrating moist heat therapy
      • Release the tension of tight muscles by applying this wrap. The moisture allows the heat the go deeper in to the muscle than dry heat methods.
    • Long lasting heat
      • Typical wraps made with rice don't retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your wrap warmer, longer.
    • Cordless
      • Don’t get tangled up in long cords. The Angel Wrap heats up in the microwave and is chilled in the freezer. Turn over without getting lost in a jumble of cords.
  • The Ruby

    Let the warmth of the Ruby bring you to your happy place. The Ruby is a microwavable heating pad designed for menstrual cramps. Naturally comforting and long-lasting, the Ruby combines fragrant herbs with flax seed to deliver moist heat therapy to cramps and stiffness. Calm pain from common aches such as period pain, menstrual cramps, menopause, ovarian cysts, endometriosis pain, ovulation discomfort, labor pain, IBS and Crohn’s disease with this heated pad. Choose peppermint, lavender or both to create the aromatherapeutic experience you need. Special Features
    • The Ruby is ideal for:
      • Period and menstrual cramps
      • Abdominal pain
      • Back pain
      • Stomach pain
    • Take it on the go
      • The Ruby is a heart shaped microwavable heating pad that looks like a pillow. It can go anywhere you go. In the car, at school or at work as long as there is a microwave you can use it.
    • Microwavable
      • The Ruby is made with all-natural ingredients that can be put right in the microwave with no fear of damaging it.
      • Warm it up over and over again. The Ruby is durable and made to last for many repeat uses.
    • Long lasting heat
      • Typical microwavable heating pads made with rice don't retain heat as long as flax seed. Flax seed can be up to 30% oil, making your wrap warmer, longer.
    • Aromatic herbs
      • Peppermint can help get rid of headaches that come on with your menstrual cycle.
      • Lavender can help calm symptoms of PMS like irritability and anxiety.
  • The kid's neck wrap feels like a warm hug that will bring your child comfort and relaxation.  Heat the lavender neck wrap and sit down to read them their favorite bedtime story. The warmth of the wrap with the herbal aromatherapy brings a deep and restful sleep. Filled with lavender and peppermint, these herbs are soothing and bring pain relief.
    • flu
    • earache
    • headache
    • growing pains
    • sore throat (peppermint/warm)
    • fever (cold)
    • injuries
    • stomach ache
    • bumps (cold)
    • burns (lavender/cold)
    • insomnia/adhd (lavender/warm)
    • surgery recovery
    • cancer patient comfort pack
    • muscle pain
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