My name is Angela. I love doing life with my husband and I absolutely love being a mom.  I am an extrovert at heart, and am fascinated by people. I believe everyone was created for a special purpose, and I love to encourage others to follow their dreams and walk in their utmost potential.

Born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania, I was the middle of six children. As a girl I worked for my dad in his small cheese factory. My favorite job was taking care of customers. This gave me opportunity to meet new people every day and did I ever love that! I dreamed of having my own store one day.

In 2012 I fell twenty feet off a roof, and broke six vertebrae in my lower back. Since then I have suffered with lower back pain as well as arthritis. Due to the extent of my spinal injury, my neck and shoulders muscles get tight very quickly. I started using a lavender neck wrap. It felt wonderful and made a great difference to my pain.

I began thinking, if the neck wrap made such a difference for me, what a benefit these wraps would be to others. I decided to start sewing them, believing in what could become a potential business. I found an interest in them at chiropractic offices, spas, gift shops, and other unique markets. Soon enough, I was very busy sewing and selling. I love how it has brought opportunity for me to go out and meet so many people. I love to serve a product that I believe in and personally enjoy.

Each one of our products are sewn by hand and filled with all natural herbs. They bring deep relaxation to your mind, body, and soul. One of my favorite things to do is spend a day at the spa. I believe it’s important for us all to find a place where we can rest and recharge. Here at Amenity, we provide a product that brings relaxation and physical healing for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.