My name is Angela.

I’m married ten years and am a mom to two beautiful boys. I enjoy writing, traveling and am passionate about mental and emotional health.

My entrepreneur spirit was awakened when I was a young teenager, selling products for my family’s business. I loved working with people and making a sale.

A few years later I suffered a lower back injury. I began using a lavender neck wrap and it brought much relief to the tension in my neck and shoulder muscles. I could only imagine how many other people would benefit from warm weighted heat therapy.

I began sewing from my home, and as I had imagined, others also fell in love with the product. Since then we have developed eight different designs.

At Amenity Wellness, we take pride in using natural products and local

labor to create products that bring relief to various sources of pain.

We look forward to sharing the warm benefits of Amenity Wraps with you.