Our herbal neck wrap feels like a warm hug around your neck and shoulders. When heated, it brings out a moist heat, and is very healing to your aches and pains. The aromatherapy of the lavender and peppermint herbs are both rejuvenating and relaxing, bringing endless health benefits!

The weight and design of the wrap is made to feel like someone is pressing gently onto your shoulder muscles. The neck wrap is sewn in flannel fabric, with 10 neatly sewn seams that keep the herbs spread evenly and makes for great pressure point areas. One size fits all, they cover areas on your neck, shoulders, back, and chest. They are comfortable to wear anywhere, and wrap around to your chest to stay in place when walking.

Our neck wrap is perfect for at-home heat therapy. Read more on our blog.

The favorite time to wear our neck wrap is reclining on the sofa or snuggled up in bed. They are comfortable to wear at an office job, traveling, or working around the house.

The neck wrap will be loved and shared by the entire family.